Sustainability demands are expanding. How do you keep up?

Customers are not buying and negotiating based only on price any more. More and more large corporations – such as your clients – are under immense pressure from stakeholders to be transparent about their sustainability and CSR practices, and this includes their sustainable procurement.




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… But as companies have started launching internal/homegrown CSR assessment programs, suppliers are now facing a major challenge: multiple, redundant questionnaires from which they receive little feedback nor guidance on improving practices.

Why EcoVadis

EcoVadis was founded to help procurement teams and their supply & service partners find a common ground to solve this CSR challenge

The problem:  Whether from CSR audits or ‘self-assessments’, most of our supplier customers were facing challenges such as:

  • Receiving multiple, duplicative questionnaires

  • Little opportunity to demonstrate good performance

  • Lack of feedback on priorities and how to improve

EcoVadis brings CSR monitoring into a collaborative platform:

EcoVadis brings CSR monitoring into a collaborative platform:
EcoVadis brings CSR monitoring into a collaborative platform:

With the EcoVadis CSR Scorecards you can measure and demonstrate your company’s CSR performance on a rich, multi-tiered scale, and share it with multiple clients with maximum credibility, confidentiality and control.

Ecovadis FeaturesBenefits

EcoVadis’ goal is to transform CSR from a frustrating burden into an efficient system, for both buyers and suppliers:

Confidential, efficient & relevant CSR questionnaire

Confidential, efficient & relevant CSR questionnaire

Questionnaire is customized to your business sector, size and location

Documents and data are stored confidentially and securely

Both the questionnaire and support (email and phone) offered in 10 languages*

Understand & improve CSR performance

Understand & improve CSR performance

An easy-to-understand Scorecard by EcoVadis analysts showing:

Scores (ranging 1 - 100) across 4 themes

Strengths & Improvement Areas

Benchmark comparisons

Collaborative tools for working with clients

Easy sharing saves time & effort

Easy sharing saves time & effort

Share the Scorecard with multiple clients with a few clicks

Add unlimited users to engage colleagues and share your results internally

You choose who and what to share.

Reward success &  Distinguish your company

Reward success & Distinguish your company

With Gold/Silver/Bronze badges and certificates, get the recognition you deserve for good CSR performance.

Plus EcoVadis brings the credibility of a robust globally- recognized methodology.

*(English, Francais, Deutsch, Espagnol, Italiano, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch)
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How it works

A simple 4-step process - entirely online: you will only need an internet connection.



Create a company profile (activity, contact, etc.)


Profile used to optimize questionnaire to your size, industry sector, location, etc.



Answer CSR questionnaire questions & upload documents


Secure, confidential & multi-lingual with a support team ready to help.



EcoVadis distills your answers into an easy to read Scorecard


Independent document audit, assessment & analysis from CSR experts.



Online access to Scorecard results, sharing & action plan


Share results, collaborate directly online with clients, and improve performance.


Since 2008, several thousands of companies have been using the EcoVadis platform. Around 450 multinational companies in North America and in Europe have selected EcoVadis to assess their global supplier base in 155 countries.

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Key feature details

CSR Scorecard

Expert assessment and analysis distills your data into an informative Scorecard;

Easily view your performance on four themes.

Download a Sample

CSR Scorecard
Benchmarking & best practices

Benchmarking & best practices

Compare your scores against others in your category;

Access an industry profile of best practices to improve performance.

Single assessment; Communicate your CSR success everywhere

EcoVadis provides a rich set of communication tools to tell your CSR success story in your website, PR, etc. including your CSR ScoreCard, Detailed profile, Industry report, Badges, Certificates

Single assessment; Communicate your CSR success everywhere
Focused guidance

Focused guidance

Focused guidance with strengths and Improvement areas guide that lets you ‘drill down’ into the 21 detailed criteria, helping you track and improve your company’s CSR/sustainability performance

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