EcoVadis forms partnerships with CSR agencies and consultants from around globe who provide expertise and consultancy in CSR strategy and sustainability management. These EcoVadis-accredited partners help educate suppliers on the EcoVadis CSR assessment in order to optimize their response and improve their sustainability performance and practices.

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BrownFlynn is a leading corporate sustainability and governance consulting firm in the United States which advises Fortune 500 and privately-held companies. BrownFlynn's expertise in CSR strategy and sustainability management, reporting, and program implementation supports large corporate suppliers to increase their sustainability capabilities. Through the EcoVadis partnership, BrownFlynn brings training and consulting services to North American companies to optimize their response to the EcoVadis assessment, and to improve their sustainability performance and practices.


Nexio Projects is a sustainability consulting firm which accompanies Small Medium Enterprises in their path towards a more sustainable environment. Nexio Projects’ goal is to help these companies make meaningful sustainable improvements, in order to have a positive impact on the world. In a world in which sustainability is just as important for companies as financial performance, Nexio Projects helps companies in achieving the highest possible sustainability ranking according to the EcoVadis methodology. Achieving these certifications will enhance companies’ ability to display maximum credibility, reliability and control. For additional information please visit nexioprojects.com.

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