Tools and indicators for supplier and 3rd party performance are evolving fast. Businesses at the top tiers of the electronics and high tech manufacturing sustainable procurements are increasingly scrutinized by customers and stakeholders on environmental, labor & human rights, and ethical issues in their Sustainable Procurements. Companies with a proactive approach are not only mitigating business risks, but are increasing opportunities. Are your tools giving you a competitive advantage?

Reduce costs,  improve performance

Reduce costs, improve performance

Protect Your Brand

Protect Your

Drive innovation & growth

Drive innovation

Electronics and High Tech Leaders are finding a common solution

These Electronics and High Tech Leaders are using CSR ratings from EcoVadis as the backbone of their supplier and 3rd party assessment initiatives.

Schneider Electric wants to place itself in a follow-up process with its suppliers by encouraging them to make progress according to the international standards and guidelines.

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Ciena wants to enhance their supplier assessment process with more comprehensive criteria, validated evidence to establish due diligence and the ability to benchmark supplier performance.

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Atos chooses their suppliers on one of the most important criteria selection, which is their approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Atos proceeds with due diligence process, questionnaires and partner with EcoVadis to score their performance.

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Nokia expects their suppliers to meet the high ethical, Labor & Human Rights, and environmental standards as set out in their Supplier Requirements.





EcoVadis: The Electronics and High Tech Sustainable Procurement Sustainable Procurement Solution

EcoVadis brings a global service solution with an evidence-based methodology that helps procurement teams mitigate risk, drive improvements, and boost innovation.

Assess and monitor CSR practices of suppliers and 3rd parties and engage them in continuous improvements to drive performance and innovation.

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A Call for Sustainable Procurements

We use our tablets, laptops, mobile phones to work, communicate and entertain on a daily basis. Who are the people involved in making these devices? What are the conditions they work and live in? Are they mining, assembling, manufacturing and testing our everyday electronics by choice or are they being forced in doing so? While the primary goal is to ensure that products, goods and services are produced and delivered ethically, corporate responsibility extends beyond the act of sourcing goods and services. It also includes the processes of assessing and engaging with a supply market to managing relationships with suppliers. How do you answer?

Scorecard & Monitoring Tools

The EcoVadis solution combines our powerful ratings platform with a complete portfolio of turnkey services to empower your team to make the best procurement decisions

CSR Scorecard

The scorecard shows you the CSR performance of each supplier on 21 CSR indicators grouped in 4 themes (Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement) assessed from 1 to 100.
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CSR Scorecard

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