Sustainability and Procurement Citizenship Top Of Mind at CPO Summit


Procurement Citizenship and supplier sustainability/CSR risk and performance monitoring will feature strongly in the upcoming CPO Summit in Westlake Village, CA. The summit will gather CPOs and leadership in procurement from over a select group of Fortune 500 companies to discuss the core. This event’s theme:

“Today’s procurement professionals must respond effectively to current market conditions and envision the future needs of their organization. Technology and innovation has become an essential implementation if you want your business to become a truly digital enterprise. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, we must work together to create solutions that will satisfy these goals and move procurement to the next level.”

A Keynote Presentation from Len DeCandia, CPO will talk about how Johnson & Johnson’s sustainable procurement program fits in their Procurement Citizenship Center of Excellence. This groundbreaking effort unifies various sustainability and citizenship efforts within J&J as part of a transformation to deliver innovation, growth and shareholder value.

A second case presentation from another top 50 pharma CPO describes their approach to sustainable procurement and managing risk and innovation in an uncertain world.


For more information or to connect with EcoVadis’ Account Executive Daniel Perry at this event


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