Thomas Kneale and Co. Ltd

“Neither businesses nor people live in a bubble, and our world is more interconnected than ever before. This reality brings with it huge responsibility at the corporate and individual levels and an undeniable need for consequential thinking and action. Therefore, Thomas Kneale and Co. Ltd. welcomed the intensive and professional assessment carried out by EcoVadis of our company. This ensured that we were operating in a sustainable way and that our business model respected the core values of good corporate governance across an international supply chain and deep respect for the world, it’s resources and the fellow inhabitants within it. Our gold standard recognition suggests we are doing things correctly. We are therefore determined to continue to trade openly, transparently and honorably with all our stakeholders from factory to end-user across the globe. We will not sit on our laurels but will continue to actively implement and promote CSR values to make the world and business a better place. Thank you EcoVadis”

Richard Manville - Director