The importance of sustainable procurement (SP) continues to grow rapidly. No longer seen as a nice-to-have discipline, SP has evolved into an integral business function responsible for reducing costs, mitigating business risk, protecting and improving brand reputation, driving revenue, and supporting innovation and growth.
As a result, Fortune 500 organizations across the globe are investing heavily to ensure sustainability is ingrained across all aspects of their supply chain and procurement operations.
Since the fist study carried out over 10 years ago, the HEC/EcoVadis Sustainable Procurement Barometer has measured the evolution of SP practices in global procurement organizations and aimed to provide an understanding of the SP landscape, including sector and geographical diffrences, industry strengths, improvement areas,
new frontiers for innovation, and the potential levers for success in the future.

In this white paper, you’ll discover:
– Tools best optimized to scale efficiently with global programs

– How to improve supplier engagement for long-term partnerships

– The net positive benefits of mature SP programs

– The future landscape of sustainable procurement for the world’s largest organizations

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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