Together for Sustainability (TfS) is an industry collaboration focused on driving improvements in terms of supply chain sustainability in the chemical industry. This paper, based on the case study that won the ‘Market Transformation Award’ from Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council in 2016, illustrates the power of this collaboration.
Today, TfS brings together 22 players in the chemical industry to adopt a harmonized set of assessment and audit processes, running on a common platform to achieve significant, measurable CSR performance improvements in its supply chain.

The case study covers:

  • Key facts of the collaboration’s scope, and its remarkable growth
  • How TfS enables members to select suppliers and assess supplier relationships, considering not only economic conditions but also environmental, social, and ethical aspects
  • The value brought to suppliers by using EcoVadis reliable CSR/sustainability assessments and indicators, shared through a common platform, as well as standardized audit program
  • Driving improvements in scores of suppliers re-assessed two or more times


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“With more than 80% of suppliers maintaining or improving their scores upon second evaluation, this has given us great confidence in the effectiveness of EcoVadis rating and collaboration system.”

Rüdiger Eberhard, President of TfS and Chief Procurement Officer of Evonik Industries.


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