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Coupa Software is the leading provider of BSM solutions. We offer a comprehensive, cloud-based BSM platform that has connected hundreds of organizations with more than four million suppliers globally. Our platform provides greater visibility into and control over how companies spend money. Using our platform, business are able to achieve real, measurable value and savings that drive their profitability.


RapidRatings is transforming the way the world’s leading companies manage enterprise and financial risk. RapidRatings provides the most sophisticated analysis of the financial health of public and private companies in the world. The company’s analytics system provides predictive insights into third-party partners, suppliers, vendors, customers and securities issuers. Every business conversation becomes more productive, transparent and efficient with the RapidRatings Financial Health System™.

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Verité is a global, independent, non-profit organization that conducts research, advocacy, consulting, trainings, and assessments with a vision that people worldwide work under safe, fair, and legal conditions.

Since 1995, Verité has partnered with hundreds of multinational brands, suppliers, and international institutions in more than 70 countries across multiple sectors to improve working conditions and social performance within global supply chains.

Through independent regional offices, Verité China and Verité Southeast Asia, and long-term network partners, Verité gathers information globally about labor practices and make this analysis available to brands, suppliers, and investors; as well as governments, NGOs, and trade unions.

Through the EcoVadis partnership, Verite brings training and consulting services to local and multinational companies in greater China, helping to optimize EcoVadis questionnaire responses and ultimately improve social/labor, ethics, and environmental performance.

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Impactt is an award-winning ethical trade consultancy delivering innovative, change-focused solutions in industries worldwide. Founded in 1997, Impact combine ethical and commercial expertise with a full understanding of supply chains to help businesses, organisations and funders address pressing social issues, from modern slavery to empowering women. Through the EcoVadis partnership, Impactt brings training and support services to India. We help Indian business complete their EcoVadis questionnaire and improve their sustainability performance and practices.


Founded in January 1996, BrownFlynn is a leading corporate sustainability and governance consulting firm. The Firm advises Fortune 500 and privately-held companies to drive value creation by focusing on and managing their greatest impacts by understanding their landscape, setting their direction, telling their story, and engaging their stakeholders.

Through the EcoVadis partnership, BrownFlynn brings training and consulting services to North American companies to optimize their response to the EcoVadis evaluation, and to improve their sustainability performance and practices.

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DFGE – Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy – was founded in 1999 as spin-off of the Technical University of Munich and offers complete consulting, software and audit solutions in the field of CSR. DFGE partners with internationally-recognized reporting frameworks to better support companies in their sustainability management and reporting, including EcoVadis. DFGE’s approach of Sustainability Intelligence aims at linking these various standards and requests so that companies can focus on their sustainability management while DFGE focuses on the reporting. DFGE and EcoVadis are partners since January 2016. According to the partnership agreement, DFGE offers training on EcoVadis principles and response checks of questionnaires for the German-speaking region. DFGE also provides its own products and services linked to EcoVadis, including a full CSR improvement strategy and support while answering the questionnaire. For more information, contact DFGE or visit their website and their EcoVadis webpage


More than 100 consultants dedicated entirely to sustainable development work within EY’s French Sustainable Performance & Transformation team, which was created in 1994. Our multidisciplinary team of consultants have experience in technical engineering, economics, finance, marketing, law and communications and have work experience in private companies, public institutions and NGOs. Our consultants provide assistance to companies and public organizations on a short- and long-term basis. More than 500 clients of all sizes and sectors – including half of SBF-120 listed companies – trust our work.EcoVadis chose EY as a partner to help EcoVadis users in completing the questionnaire and improve their score by developing and implementing a CSR policy.

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Procurement Simplified for Greater Agility & Less Risk

JAGGAER offers full digital transformation across the entire procurement spectrum from source to pay, and for all types of spend in all industry sectors, with modular solutions on a unified digital platform that integrates easily with your ERP and accounting systems. JAGGAER ONE.







riskmethodsは、サプライチェーンのリスクを積極的にモニタリングおよび審査し、企業に包括的なサプライチェーンのリスク管理ソリューションを提供する会社です。今後発生し得るリスクを早期に警告するシステムによって、供給の途絶を防ぐための予防的措置を取り、コンプライアンスの順守を強制、企業イメージを保護することができます。ドイツで開発されたSaaSソリューションである”Supply Risk Network”は、サプライチェーンのリスク管理における主な基準を確立するため、最新技術にリスク学習型の最先端機能を組み合わせています。

Proserpina Business Service

Proserpina Business Serviceはイタリアのコンサルタント会社です。企業が購買活動および末端から末端までのサプライチェーンに沿った持続可能なプロジェクトを設計および開発し、企業のリスク、プロセス、製品、ビジネスモデルおよびネットワークを刷新することでそれらのビジネスパフォーマンスを改善するお手伝いをしています。Proserpina Business Serviceは、イタリアにおけるEcoVadisのパートナーであり、簡単に導入でき、すぐにビジネスに使用できる有用な手順を導入することで、EcoVadisソリューションの価値をさらに高めてくれています。










The Global Reporting Initiative

Global Reporting Initiativeは、世界中で1000以上の企業が使用する一般的なCSRレポーティング・ガイドラインです。1997年に創設されたGRIは、企業がそれぞれの活動における環境、社会、経済への影響を報告するためのサポートを行っています。EcoVadisはGRIの“組織ステークホルダー”であり、当社のメソッドの主要素にはGRI指標を使用しています。

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Councilは、一般企業、政府機関、高等教育機関、非営利団体などのさまざまな規模や種類の組織から構成されるリーダーシップ・コミュニティです。この団体の使命は、 豊かで持続可能な未来を目指した購買活動を促進することです。