Led by senior analyst and futurist Michael Lamoureux, the Spend Matters analyst team has completed this Vendor Technology Review of EcoVadis. Normally available only to Spend Matters PRO subscribers, EcoVadis has partnered with them to make this technology review available here for free for a limited time.


This tech review dives into EcoVadis’ company background, the solution offering and some recommendations on how the firm is best used to maximize value.


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The tech review includes key facts, company background, solution review, shortlist criteria, SWOT, competitive analysis, user requirements checklist and more. Here’s an extract:


“EcoVadis is more than just a sustainability technology platform. It’s a sustainability service that focuses on outcomes and also takes ownership of the service levels to successfully perform this cloud-based business service. We could call the service “CSR in a box,” which is perhaps too simplistic. But EcoVadis really does execute CSR in an impressively industrialized manner. There’s also a “softer” and more strategic benefit in terms of knowledge transfer. In addition to more than 150 CSR experts that can do detailed supplier assessments, it also has 50 personnel dedicated to supplier engagement (to make sure that key suppliers get engaged, provide the necessary information, get assessed and get into the network). More than 40 personnel are dedicated just to program management to make your “sustainability as a service” initiative a success all over the world (as EcoVadis has support centres around the globe).

“Companies considering EcoVadis don’t have a lot of choices if they are looking for an equivalent solution that has deep/broad CSR content, expertise, supplier network and benchmarking served up in a hosted solution and turnkey program.”


Download the document to read on!

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