Coca-Cola Hellenic Supplier Sustainability Program with EcoVadis

“The success of our business is largely dependent on the strength and well-being of the communities we are part of. To ensure our business has a net positive impact, sustainability initiatives are primarily focused in three key areas: minimizing environmental impact, collaborating with our suppliers and partners to develop a sustainable value chain and supporting and developing community well-being.

The EcoVadis platform was introduced in 2017 to support these business objectives by evaluating the CSR management system performance of our group and country suppliers. Our long term objectives are to use the EcoVadis platform to cover our critical suppliers with thorough assessments, incorporate EcoVadis scorecards into our SRM process and systems, and to work collaboratively with suppliers to improve their CSR performance.”

 Plamen Dobrikov – Procurement CSR Compliance & BSO Manager