Food And Beverage Industry Leaders Using EcoVadis Ratings

Aligned with Nestle Responsible Sourcing, Ecovadis is providing suppliers a unique methodology to demonstrate performance on sustainability …. For buying organizations such as Nestle, Ecovadis is one of the methodologies used to avoid duplication and ensure collaboration on responsible sourcing….” Benjamin Ware, Global Supplier Assessment & Development Manager, Nestlé

As well as Bonduelle, Bel and Picard in France, Dr Oetker in Germany and Dairy Crest in the UK

Key Sustainability Challenges In The Food And Beverage Industry

Population growth is driving a predicted 60% increase in food demand by 2050. With agriculture & food manufacturing at the top of the list for climate and human rights risk and impact, food and beverage companies face immense pressure to have sustainable value chains.

Key Challenges Faced by Industry Leaders In Their Supply Chain:

AIM-PROGRESS: A Collaborative Initiative


Over a half dozen members of the FMCG sustainable sourcing initiative AIM-PROGRESS,a sustainable have joined forces to leverage EcoVadis. Learn more here. How do your sustainable supply chain practices compare?

Solving A Challenging Problem

Self-assessments and site-audit programs can be arduous and ineffective. This is the challenge EcoVadis is solving.

Sustainability Scorecard

The scorecard shows you the performance of each supplier on 21 Sustainability/ CSR indicators grouped in 4 themes (Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement) on a scale of 1 to 100.

Sustainability Scorecard
Dashboards & Monitoring

Dashboards & Monitoring

Manage your value chain sustainability end-to-end. Identify risks, discover high performers, monitor performance, track progress, manage your coverage, by geography or industry/category.


Sustainability Performance Of Global Companies In The Food & Beverage Sector

According to our latest Global CSR Risk and Performance Index, Small & medium-sized food and beverage companies had the highest overall score of any portfolio in the last three years. Discover more here.

Food beverage supply chain sustainability


Example categories assessed by the Food and Beverage industry using EcoVadis


The entire list of ISIC codes (e.g. “purchasing category” or “business activity”) included in Food and Beverage, as well as other industry divisions can be viewed here →

How EcoVadis Accelerates Procurement Value Creation

How do your sustainable supply chain practices compare?

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