Partnerships with Expert CSR Consultants

EcoVadis forms partnerships with CSR agencies and consultants from around the globe who provide expertise and consultancy in CSR strategy and sustainability management. These EcoVadis-accredited partners help educate suppliers on the EcoVadis CSR assessment & assessment in order to optimize their response and improve their sustainability performance and practices

Important notice: No consulting firm can guarantee any success or improvement with the results (scores) of a company’s EcoVadis assessment. EcoVadis recommends using providers who are EcoVadis Certified Partners listed on this page. If discovered, falsification of documents or records submitted during an assessment – whether done independently or with the help of another consultant — will cause negative consequences to the assessed company’s results.


DFGE (Germany)

Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy offers complete consulting, software and audit solutions in the field of CSR. DFGE partners with internationally-recognized reporting frameworks to better support companies in their sustainability management and reporting, including EcoVadis. Through the EcoVadis partnership, DFGE offers training on EcoVadis principles and response checks of questionnaires for the German-speaking region.

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nexio projects consulting

Nexio Projects

Nexio Projects is a sustainability consulting firm which accompanies Small Medium Enterprises in their path towards a more sustainable environment. Nexio Projects’ goal is to help these companies make meaningful sustainable improvements, in order to have a positive impact on the world. In a world in which sustainability is just as important for companies as financial performance, Nexio Projects helps companies in achieving the highest possible sustainability ranking according to the EcoVadis methodology. Achieving these certifications will enhance companies’ ability to display maximum credibility, reliability and control. For additional information please visit

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Lavola (Spain)

Lavola, founded in 1981, is an integral sustainability consultancy that supports and helps its clients to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our team is composed of multidisciplinary and highly experienced and qualified professionals. Our consultants provide solutions to companies and public organizations in different areas: social responsibility and sustainable development, efficient energy use, climate change, urban and regional sustainability, communication, as well as education for sustainability. Lavola, as EcoVadis partner, offers training on the EcoVadis Principles and helps suppliers in completing the questionnaire for Spanish-speaking suppliers. Lavola also provides own products and services linked to EcoVadis, in order to improve users’ score by developing and implementing a CSR strategy.

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EY (France)

More than 90 consultants are dedicated entirely to sustainable development work within EY’s French Sustainable Performance & Transformation team, which was created in 1994. Their multidisciplinary team of consultants have experience in technical engineering, economics, finance, marketing, law and communications and have work experience in private companies, public institutions and NGOs.

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Sustainalize is a new generation of consultants. They advise and support companies in connecting sustainability themes to the business strategy. Sustainalize focuses on support for strategy & policy and are a true partner during the transition process from policy to implementation and combine this with an integrated communication approach. Since their start in 2010, they helped innumerable companies on areas such as strategy development, performance improvement, procurement and supply chain management, and (external) reporting, always with a clear vision and a hands-on, flexible approach.

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BrownFlynn (U.S)

BrownFlynn is a leading corporate sustainability and governance consulting firm in the United States which advises Fortune 500 and privately-held companies. BrownFlynn’s expertise in CSR strategy and sustainability management, reporting, and program implementation supports large corporate suppliers to increase their sustainability capabilities. Through the EcoVadis partnership, BrownFlynn brings training and consulting services to North American companies to optimize their response to the EcoVadis assessment, and to improve their sustainability performance and practices.

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Verité (China)

Verité is a global, independent, non-profit organization that conducts research, advocacy, consulting, trainings, and assessments with a vision that people worldwide work under safe, fair, and legal conditions. Since 1995, Verité has partnered with hundreds of multinational brands, suppliers, and international institutions in more than 70 countries across multiple sectors to improve working conditions and social performance within global sustainable procurement.

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CSRWorks International

CSRWorks International is a trusted name in sustainability consulting, training and thought leadership. Established in 2005, CSRWorks has extensive experience in providing sustainability consulting and training in a wide range of sectors with a proven track record.

The services provided by CSRWorks include sustainability strategy, sustainability reporting, integrated reporting, stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment, gap analysis and benchmarking, external assurance, climate change advisory, social and environmental risk assessment, supply chain sustainability strategies, ESG Analysis and training.

Through the EcoVadis partnership, CSRWorks offers training and consulting to companies in south-east Asia to help them improve their EcoVadis assessment score by implementing sustainability strategies.

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