Best of the Blog: Top 5 Posts of 2018

A quick look at our most widely read blog posts over the past twelve months suggests that CSR and procurement professionals around the globe are increasingly interested in regulations related to sustainability as well as new technologies that can help drive truly sustainable supply chains.

From Greater Production Traceability to Combating Biodiversity Loss and Meeting UN Sustainable Development Goal 15

Human interference in natural habitats has put the biological diversity of our planet at risk. This is why one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 15, is committed to protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and greater traceability of production in the supply chain is an important part of it.

Science Based Targets: An Essential Piece of a Complex Climate Strategy Puzzle

Climate change is a fact. Setting Science Based Targets – emission reduction targets based on the two-degree scenario – is the first step in the strategic transformation we need and has four benefits we’ll see almost immediately.

How to Manage Risk and Boost Transparency in the Raw Material Supply Chain

As conflict minerals continue to find their way into supply chains of major western corporations, a recent Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) conference discussed ways businesses can manage risks and increase transparency.  

Targeted Action On Energy Use Along The Product Lifecycle: Four Steps Industries Can Take To Tackle UN Sustainable Development Goal 7

SDG 7 focuses on energy use. With 20 percent of the world population lacking access to modern electricity here is a set of approaches businesses can take to engage their suppliers to reduce their energy consumption.

Tomorrow’s Brands Will Be Sustainable or They Won’t Exist at All

The world is facing social and environmental challenges never seen before. Brands need to transform to maintain a competitive advantage and rebuild trust.

The Critical New CSR Challenge: Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk

The specter of cybersecurity-related incidents in the supply chain has risen from a marginal concern to a top issue for many companies. Going beyond the bottom line, and beyond compliance, cybersecurity corporations must rise to face the challenges, risks, and moral imperatives that this entails.

Addressing UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: Helping Automotive Businesses Tackle Modern Slavery

Poverty, inequality, discrimination and poor labor practices still plague the global business community. SDG 8 aims to close this gap and the transition to a new and collaborative sustainable business paradigm requires companies in the automobile sector to really think about the externalities created by supply chain operations and factor positive economic development into decision making and financial matrices.

How Financial Services Companies Can Manage Sustainability Risks While Driving Progress On UN Sustainable Development Goal 16

Contrary to common belief, with its global presence firmly established, the financial services sector has a considerable supply chain impact.