16 May 2011

In the Spotlight: Apple, Foxconn and the IT Industry

For better or for worse, Apple has become the poster child for how not to manage an IT supply chain. They are a perfect target as their brand is a global super star and they have a reputation of being shamelessly secretive, a characteristic that is especially taboo when Corporate Social Responsibility is the topic […]

Pressure Mounting in EU Regarding Sustainable Supply Chains

Following the resolution which was adopted in November on CSR in International Trade, the EU has released a new study in Sustainable Supply Chains: Responsible Supply Chain Management : Potential success factors and challenges for addressing prevailing human rights and other CSR issues in Supply Chains of EU-based companies. The study looks at success factors […]

14 April 2011

Best Practices For Supplier Sustainability Evaluations

The majority of companies are not interested in evaluating suppliers for the sake of evaluation, but rather they are looking to drive improvements, reduce risks and push towards innovation in the supply chain. We would like to share 5 best practices based on our expertise and experience in assessing sustainable supply chain excellence. 1.) Keep […]

11 April 2011

Past 25 Years of Sustainable Supply Chain Research

A study released by Networks For Business Sustainability in partnership with University of Warwick and University of Bath titled Managing Sustainable Global Supply Chains assessed research from over the past 25 years to examine the driving forces behind why and how organizations implement sustainable supply chains. Surprisingly, the most prevalent motivation for companies to build […]

4 April 2011

McDonald’s New Sustainable Supply Chain Commitment Begins at a Roundtable (or make that a few)

McDonald’s recently worked with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to conduct an analysis of which raw material inputs have the most potential sustainability impact. They have decided to focus on five areas – beef, poultry, coffee, palm oil, and packaging – which can be seen in their recently released “Sustainable Land Management Commitment”. The company […]

17 March 2011

New challenges for electronics Supply Chain

The IT and telecommunications sectors have long been at the forefront of sustainable procurement, yet the pressure to successfully actualize sustainable practices along each stage of the supply chain (raw materials, manufacturing and end-of-life recycling) is intensifying. Beyond all the existing issues of diminishing raw materials, electronics companies source minerals such as cobalt, coltan and […]

2 February 2011

Trade and Kyoto and Emissions, Oh My! Taking Responsibility for Carbon Emissions in the Supply Chain

A recent publication by the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo, concludes that figures on CO2 emissions based on the Kyoto Protocol do not relay the true distribution of carbon emissions between North and South. They argue that international trade has not been taken into account when reviewing these emissions and that […]

14 November 2010

Sustainability : Can Procurement do better than Governments?

Since the failure of the Copenhagen conference, to agree on a real regulation of carbon emissions last December, it is becoming increasingly clear that governments are struggling to reach agreements on Sustainability issues. In May the French government decided to push back by 6 months the “environmental labeling” regulation, and watered down its scope. In […]

Sustainable Procurement Leaders

19/05/2010: Interview with Luca Guzzabocca, head of Logistics Costs and Supply Chain Management at GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI. 1) Why is Sustainable Procurement important for GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI? Sustainable Procurement is one of the significant engagements GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI has in CSR policies. For GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI, Sustainable Procurement is important because we are aware of the impact we can […]