iPhone suppliers workers poisoned in china

A Taiwanese manufacturer that makes LCD screens and components for tech giants like Apple confirmed Thursday that more of its workers in China were sickened by chemical exposure than it previously reported. Wintek’s Suzhou, China-based factory, which produces electronic components for some of the world’s most popular gadgets including products made by Apple and Nokia, […]

22 February 2010

Welcome to EcoVadis Sustainable Supply Newsletter

We are pleased to send you the 1st edition of EcoVadis Sustainable Supply Newsletter. As we enter into the « year of the Tiger », we can take a look back on the latest developments of Sustainable Procurement. 2009 has been a challenging year : companies you work for have faced tremendous challenges, and many […]

The future International Standard ISO 26000, approved by 2/3 of countries

The future International Standard on Corporate Social Responsibility, has reached an important phase in its development on 14.2.2010 . More than 67% of the countries participating in ISO have voted in favor of the standard and unless major surprise should reach the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) stage. The final stage wil take place in […]

13 February 2010

UN Global Compact launches Supply Chain initiative

Last week the UN Global Compact announced the launch of the “Supply Chain Sustainability” which will focus on helping companies implement the Global Compact principles in their supply chain. The initiative will be officially launched in New York in June during the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2010  held in New York.  Deploying Global Compact principles in […]

14 November 2009

Sustainable Procurement: Are public authorities doing enough?

The B2B community Agrion just published an interesting article, raising the question: Green Procurement: Are private companies greener than the authorities? There is at least one area where I see a fundamental difference between Private and Public Green Procurement. There are 2 dimensions to Sustainable procurement: – Products (i.e. optimizing the environmental impact of products […]

24 October 2009

Renting products rather than buying them..an option for Sustainable Procurement?

The French Environmental Agency published an interesting study on “Functional Economy” (also called “Service Economy”) which means replacing “purchasing products” by “renting products”. According to this study, a “Functional Economy” would lead to reduction in raw materials and energy consumption and therefore major environmental benefits. The rationale behind this theory (first published by walter R. […]

5 April 2009

New tool for Sustainable Packaging

The Sustainable Packaging Coallition announced the availability of a new tool, “Compass” allowing companies to benchmark the environmental impact of packaging. From a sourcing / purchasing perspective, packagingis really the perfect commodity, where Sustainability/CSR can help companies reduce over-specifications, drive innovations and allign “environmental impact reduction” and “cost reduction”. The most famous case study is […]

23 December 2008

Public Purchasing and Green Transport

The famous double-decker London imperial buses (The Routemasters) are going to be reintroduced on the streets of London after disappearing in 2005. The 2 projects selected among more than 700 other candidates are the ones from Aston Martin and Capoco. Theses two companies have won this difficult competition thanks to the environmental characteristics of their […]

20 November 2008

Green Sourcing for the Olympics

It is well known that the London Organizing Committee has made Sustainability a core policy of the 2012 Olympic Games, since an ambitious 2012 Sustainability Plan was published in November 2007. What is new, is the profound impact this initiative will have on the Sustainable Procurement initiative of 1000’s of companies. The Organizing Committee has […]