The Environmental Crackdown in China: Supply Chains Impacts Continue

More than 30,000 business have been penalized during a major campaign against environmental violations in China with companies worldwide feeling the impact. Are you confident your business can withstand it?

How Hong Kong is Enhancing its Sustainability Efforts

Ever since China ratified the Paris agreement, Hong Kong is under the spotlight to align with the global agenda and respond to the increasing stakeholders’ demand on sustainability effort. Learn how the Hong Kong government and the industries have been working towards a number of initiatives in enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

How Sustainability Is Becoming A Competitive Advantage In China; Video Interview With JS Chong, Managing Director, Forefront

As the medical devices business embraces sustainability criteria, it becomes an increasingly important factor in client-supplier relationships for device manufacturers such as Forefront Medical Technology. During this year’s EcoVadis SustaIn 2016 Conference in Paris, we caught up with JS Chong, Managing Director at Forefront, to hear how sustainability is turning into a competitive advantage in China, […]

From Tianjin To Beijing: CSR Rising On The Agenda For Supply Chains In China

When the devastating chemical explosion occurred in Tianjin last August 2015, grave concerns over the safety and sustainability of suppliers in China were brought to the forefront (see related paper). The recent 11th International CSR Forum in Beijing, China on June 6 and 7 provided a refreshing breath of hope in the Corporate Social Responsibility […]

Forced Labor in Seafood Supply Chains

Introduction Shrimp tacos. Blackened catfish. Grilled mahi-mahi. Salmon burgers. The amount of ocean products consumers can purchase from grocery stores and restaurants is bountiful and varied. While environmental repercussions of overfishing have traditionally been the focus among seafood consumers, labor practices in the seafood industry supply chains have recently emerged as the most discussed Corporate […]

Chemical Manufacturing Waste Poisoned Students At A School in Changzhou, China: What If This Happened In Your Supply Chain

Background The case of poisoned students at the Changzhou Foreign Languages Schools in the Jiangsu Province of China has been a heated topic since revealed by the press. On 17 April 2016, the official China Central Television (CCTV) reported that out of the 641 teenagers that underwent medical examinations, nearly 500 suffered serious health problems […]

Recent RSPO Certification Suspension Sets a Precedent in Palm Oil Supply Chains

In 2015, Indonesia became the worldwide number one palm oil producer. Indonesia also hosts large tropical forests sheltering endangered species directly threatened as forests are converted for palm oil production. As of May, 6,401 of its animal species are currently listed on the IUCN Red List. According to the WWF web page on palm oil, […]

The Contagious Revolt By A Chinese Worker That Shook Up The Global Economy

A retrospective on the five-year anniversary of one worker’s courageous act of protest in China that sparked a chain reaction… In May 2010, revolt was brewing in the Pearl River Delta, one of the most industrialized regions in the world and home to automobile parts manufacturers for Volkswagen and Toyota, among others. In the Honda […]

Tigers and Flies: Progress in China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign

Corruption is a topic that always grabs headlines when discovered, and can tarnish country and company reputations. This week we turn our attention to a new white paper from the EcoVadis analyst team that examines the topic of anti-corruption in China. After taking office in November 2012, Xi Jinping signaled that anti-corruption would be one of […]