Air Liquide & EcoVadis to speak at the 3rd Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit


The 3rd Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit will take place on 4 & 5 September 2019 in Singapore.

The Summit’s theme this year is Sustainability Reporting: Is Mandatory Better. As sustainability reporting is now accepted business practice among most leading companies around the world and expanding, recent years have seen the proliferation of legislation requiring sustainability disclosure in one form or another. The real question is: what impact is mandated sustainability disclosure having on markets, companies and stakeholders?

Come and join the workshop on Day 2 at 13h30 with Alexandre Paute at Air Liquide, Aaron Leonard, EcoVadis and Di Harn Yeh, EcoVadis  and discuss managing risks and opportunities with a sustainable and transparent supply chain

With increased regulation, public scrutiny and stakeholder expectations, the way businesses manage supply chain risk is changing. Setting up policy is no longer enough and procurement teams need more reliable indicators of suppliers’ sustainability performance, actions is urgently in need. In this session, join us to discuss why now is the time to go beyond Code of Conduct and the “tick-the-box” exercise to drive a more sustainable, innovative and resilient supply chain.

• Is sustainable procurement part of your strategy? Are you collaborating with your suppliers to achieve these goals?
• How are you managing supplier risk today? Do you have enough transparency and visibility on your suppliers’ practice? How are you collecting your information? What has and has not worked for you?
• How do drive continuous improvement and more innovation for a more robust and sustainable supply chain?

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