EcoVadis aims at improving environmental and social practices of companies by leveraging the influence of global supply chains.

EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor the Sustainability performance of their suppliers, across 150 sectors and 99 countries.

EcoVadis reliable ratings and easy to use monitoring tools allow companies to manage risks and drive eco-innovations in their global supply chains.
Sustainable Procurement

Supplier Solutions

If you produce or provide products or services to multinational organizations, you are without doubt, increasingly interrogated on the Environmental and Social practices of your business, whether during the selection phase or during the contract period: for example during social Audits, specific environmental questions during the tendering process, specific clauses in your contract…

The EcoVadis Solution “EcoVadis SP” 
In order to address those challenges, EcoVadis has developed EcoVadis SP, the first supplier evaluation and accreditation platform which embraces the topic of sustainable development.
Already used by more than 40 large multinationals to evaluate their suppliers in 150 industries and 85 countries, the EcoVadis SP solution is quickly becoming a recognized standard, allowing businesses to manage Sustainable Development risks by contributing in developing better long term relationships with their suppliers.
 Sustainable Supply Management initiatives will only be successful if they bring shared benefits in the supply chain. The EcoVadis solution has been designed to provide value to both buyers and suppliers, through a collaborative and independent platform.

How does it work?
A simple process in 4 steps only




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