EcoVadis aims at improving environmental and social practices of companies by leveraging the influence of global supply chains.

EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor the Sustainability performance of their suppliers, across 150 sectors and 99 countries.

EcoVadis reliable ratings and easy to use monitoring tools allow companies to manage risks and drive eco-innovations in their global supply chains.
Sustainable Procurement



October 01. 07:30

U.S. to Create National Plan on Responsible Business Practices | Inter Press Service

EcoVadis's insight:Glad to see Obama endorsing a plan for Responsible Business Practices. This follows a trend we see in Europe for giving Corporates more responsibilities over global sustainability practices (including corruption or human rights)

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September 29. 10:35

Nespresso Investing $550 Million to Achieve Carbon Neutrality, Responsible Supply Chain | Sustainable Brands

Nespresso has announced it will invest nearly $550 million USD over the next six years to implement a new sustainability strategy aimed at achieving carbon neutrality, as well as 100 percent responsibly sourced coffee and managed aluminum.Dubbed “The Positive Cup”, Nespresso says the str [...]

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September 29. 10:24

DJSI 2014 Indices published

EcoVadis's insight:Great stats on improvement in reporting. Quick poll: Are you targeting DJSI listing this year? Is there another higher priority for you in terms of CSR/Sustainability reporting/listing/recognition?

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September 29. 10:15

Coca-Cola Enterprises : Continuing our sustainability journey with suppliers

EcoVadis's insight:Coca-Cola Enterprises - an EcoVadis customer - making great progess making their supply chain sustainable - Bravo!

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September 29. 09:02

Hershey’s Announces Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Policy

Hershey Co (NYSE:HSY), in its commitment to source 100% sustainable palm oil, takes assistance from an environmental group.EcoVadis's insight:Great that they have a code of conduct, and also it goes beyond environmental to include fair labor/business practices. But not much said in this article abou [...]

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September 26. 02:43

Reporting supply chain sustainability: a myriad of metrics

There are more than 2,500 different metics used to measure sustainability in supply chains, bringing both challenges and opportunities for businessEcoVadis's insight:Not surprising knowing the complexity of supply chain topics as well as this is still a new, emerging field even amongst the biggest c [...]

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