EcoVadis aims at improving environmental and social practices of companies by leveraging the influence of global supply chains.

EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor the Sustainability performance of their suppliers, across 150 sectors and 99 countries.

EcoVadis reliable ratings and easy to use monitoring tools allow companies to manage risks and drive eco-innovations in their global supply chains.
Sustainable Procurement


Since 2008, several thousands of companies have been using the EcoVadis platform.
Around 100 multinational companies 
in North America and in Europe have selected EcoVadis to assess their global supplier base in 90 countries.

EcoVadis is assessing suppliers in 150 purchasing categories but it is mainly active in the 10 following sectors:

01 Verizon

“At Verizon, we continue to press ahead and actively manage the social, environmental and economic impacts of our business. This value is reflected in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which has been augmented to focus on CSR issues in our supply chain. We believe the supplier relationships we build provide additional insight into the economic, environmental and social impact of our supply chain, so that we can collectively improve our performance.”

02 Coca-Cola Enterprises

“CCE has developed a strong sustainability plan : Deliver for Today, Inspire for tomorrow. Our CSR commitments and targets remain at the core of what we do. We have made each of them more challenging, and delivering against them is what we are focused on, day in, day out. We are considering our entire value chain, hence it is essential to get the engagement of our suppliers to be successful in achieving our commitments. Over the past year, CCE procurement department has developed a strategy to embed CSR into all our relationships with our suppliers. The EcoVadis solution help us to strengthen our approach by getting more visibility, via an objective collaborative platform, on how our suppliers are performing. User-friendly and actionable scorecards enable our procurement team to work on concrete CRS improvement plan with our key suppliers.”

03 Johnson & Johnson

“In January 2011, we launched Healthy Future 2015, which defines our priorities and goals for the next five years. One of the 7 goals is linked to Procurement : we aim at partnering with suppliers who embrace sustainability by joining with suppliers who demonstrate a similar commitment to ours through their practices, goal-setting and the positive impacts they seek to achieve.”
Johnson & Johnson - CSR Report 2011

04 Heineken

"Sustainable Procurement is very important to Heineken. It is part of the future, it’s part of our program Growing a Better Future, and sustainability is a fundamental issue to move the business forward, not only from a supplier perspective but from a Heineken perspective in total. As part of Social Business, we would like to move sustainability forward."

"EcoVadis provides a platform that helps us create transparency on our supplier’s base, the development of our supply base in sustainability. We would see how suppliers are performing and we can challenge suppliers on the way they have to perform. The EcoVadis tools will help us to create an objective platform for suppliers to improve their own performance in this area.
Edwin Zuidema - Global Category Director Raw Materials

05 Nokia

From Nokia People-Planet report 2013: "We also used industry-common tools for requests related to our supply chain. In these tools, the questions are aligned with the aim of delivering more consistent and robust impact throughout the supply chains. One example of this is the joint industry initiative E-TASC (Electronics – Tools for Accountable Supply Chains), a common approach for assessing and managing companies’ supply chain risk. It aims to drive performance improvement related to labor practices, health and safety, ethics and environmental activity consistently throughout the supply chain."
(Nokia is a member and user of the GeSI E-TASC platform, which is powered by EcoVadis) 
Nokia People Planet Report

06 Michelin

"Michelin's social responsibility reaches as far as purchasing : this means selecting goods or services which respect the highest social, ethical and environmental standards.In order to check that the Group's core principles are being respected, suppliers are evaluated in terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility criteria in accordance with ISO 26000. These evaluations, carried out by Ecovadis, may be supplemented by document or on-site audits which result in improvement plans."

07 Nestle

"Ecovadis is providing to suppliers a unique methodology to demonstrate performance on sustainability by building on what is already existing and by ensuring that perception of the “external world” is also reflected. For buying organizations such as Nestle, Ecovadis is one of the methodologies used to avoid duplication and ensure collaboration on responsible sourcing with strategic suppliers."
Benjamin Ware - Global Supplier Assessment & Development Manager

08 Coty

As a global Beauty player, we are using our power of influence to improve the overall sustainability performance along our supply chain in collaboration with our business partners. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint towards neutrality.
Coty website

09 L'Oreal

“By 2020, 100% of our strategic suppliers will be participating in our supplier sustainability programme. It is our responsibility to engage our suppliers with our commitments and we want to improve by also helping our partners to improve. We will help them meet their sustainability challenges by sharing our training tools with them. All our strategic suppliers will be evaluated and selected on social and environmental performance. We will help them to complete a self-assessment of their sustainability policy. In addition, 20% of strategic suppliers will take part in our Solidarity sourcing programme.”
L’Oreal website 

10 Bayer

"Sustainability-based supplier management is a strategically important lever for Bayer – both for safeguarding global competitiveness and supply security and for ensuring efficient processes and lowering reputation risks. Responsible conduct throughout our entire supply chain enables us to maintain stable and long-term relationships with our business partners. Cooperation with our suppliers is based on our Supplier Code of Conduct, which describes our sustainability principles and requirements in transactions with suppliers."
Sustainability Development Report 2012

11 ING Bank

"With a combined annual overall spend on suppliers of EU R 4.8 billion at ING Bank and NN Group, we have a real opportunity to drive our sustainability agenda through the supply chain. By encouraging our suppliers to share our standards and work towards continual improvement, we believe we can make a demonstrable impact on the environment and society while mitigating risks."
ING Annual sustainability report

12 Alcatel Lucent

"Integrating the EcoVadis solution into our CSR management approach is among our top priorities for 2009. This solution provides 3rd party input and analysis, presents assessment results according to internationally recognized indicators, enables improved communication of results to buyers and enables our teams to concentrate on developing improvement plans with suppliers. By the end of 2010, we aim to assess the CSR practices of all of our key and preferred suppliers, related either to direct or indirect spend, using the EcoVadis rating solution."

Alcatel - Lucent Corporate Responsibility Report 2008


13 Air France - KLM

"The AIR FRANCE KLM Group has a deep commitment to embedding sustainability in every aspect of our organization and supply chain. The group is committed to supporting and promoting the principles of the ‘UN Global Compact’ and to incorporating them into its strategy and day-to-day dealings with partners. Furthermore, from March 2013 onward, we have selected the Ecovadis CSR monitoring platform to monitor social and environmental performance in our suppliers' management process."
Air France CSR Commitment

14 Telefónica

"Telefónica reinforced the prior evaluation that it carries out of its at-risk providers, thanks to the agreement reached with EcoVadis. The solution offered by this company is based on international standards of corporate responsibility – in addition to having the contribution of experts in sustainability who analyse the information supplied by providers or published by organisations of reference – which allows a 360º analysis of the performance of our suppliers. ...[we use] the EcoVadis platform to evaluate suppliers of high risk ...[and] inclusion of EcoVadis scores in RFQs to high risk providers."
Telefonica annual sustainability report

15 NSG Group / Pilkington

"In order to meet our objectives of completing assessments of our key suppliers as well as further due diligence on our suppliers of high environmental impact NSG has engaged in the services of EcoVadis.  EcoVadis is a well-established company in the area of CSR/ sustainability evaluation and has many major companies as clients. After looking at several potential service providers, a decision was made to select EcoVadis based on its global reach, comprehensive online assessment tool, the location and size of our supplier and also its impressive portfolio of customers. Important aspects of the evaluation are the ethical and social behavior of our suppliers as well as their environmental management system and approaches to health and safety. Using a third-party provider means we can accelerate the process of completing assessments and, for the low-scoring suppliers identified as a significant risk we will continue to use the services of our own Supplier Development Team to work with them on an improvement plan including clear timescales for implementation"

16 DHL (Deutsche post)

"An integral part of the contracts with our suppliers is the Supplier Code of Conduct. It establishes the Group’s ethical and environmental standards and explicitly embraces, for example, the prohibition of child and forced labor and the preservation of basic human rights.
Furthermore, suppliers undertake to comply with the applicable regulations related to the environment, labor and occupational health as laid out in the internationally accepted anti-bribery standards of the UN Global Compact and in local anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws. Suppliers also pledge to eschew every form of discrimination based on race, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender"

17 Merck

"When it comes to complying with social and ecological standards, we have very high expectations of our suppliers. In addition, we are constantly working to further develop our procurement strategy in alignment with corporate responsibility criteria. The TfS network offers a convincing concept for this,”
Friedhelm Felten, Chief Procurement Officer of the Merck Group 
Together for Sustainability (TfS) supplier assessment is powered by EcoVadis. Learn more on the TfS website

18 Together for Sustainability (TfS)

"As multinational leading chemicals companies, we strive for a sustainable development and support the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and Responsible Care. We take responsibility for our own operations and in the sphere of our influence for our supply chains to support adherence to existing regulations and to respond to the needs and expecta­tions of consumers and society. To use resources more efficiently and reduce the bureaucratic burden for suppliers, TfS members share supplier sustainability assessment and audit data. TfS founding members are BASF, Bayer, Evonik Industries, Henkel, LANXESS and Solvay."
Click here to read more
Together for Sustainability (TfS)

19 Centrica (British Gas/Direct Energy)

"Our social and environmental impacts extend beyond our direct operations to the goods and services we buy from our suppliers. These impacts can present risks to our reputation and continuity of supply which we must manage accordingly. The project to develop a non-financial risk tool delivered an initial project. In 2011, we'll be looking to develop it into an online based system. Through this system we aim to track supplier risk on an ongoing basis and introduce a regular audit programme."
Centrica CR report 2010


"For us sustainable development means the combination of long-term oriented economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. We create chemistry for a sustainable future. This is our company’s purpose and we are firmly integrating sustainability into our day-to-day activities. As a part of our supply chain, suppliers play a critical role in this process. This also means for us in BASF Procurement to clearly describe and communicate our expectations towards our suppliers. We focus on more than price, quality and time. We complement this magic triangle with core sustainability aspects based on fundamental environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards."
BASF Supplier Code of Conduct

21 Renault

“The development of Sustainable Procurement policies corresponds to a deep commitment that is taken over at each level of the company. We have set up a “Supplier CSR” charter together with Nissan, and added CSR clauses to our contracts. But we wanted to go even deeper by engaging our suppliers in the continuous improvement of their sustainability performance. The EcoVadis platform appears as an excellent solution to reinforce this initiative with our suppliers but also with our operational buyers."
Stéphane Lasfargue, Co-Innovation and Supplier Sustainable Development Manager

22 Henkel

"Commitment to sustainability is one of Henkel's core values. In selecting and developing our suppliers and other business partners, we assess our suppliers in a comprehensive process that covers sustainability performance and risks as well as key commercial and operating indicators, based on the principles of Henkel's Code of Conduct. The EcoVadis supplier assessments help to improve the sustainability across the entire supply chain while identifying improvement potential and fostering collaboration between all business partners."
Karl-Heinz Ott, Global Sustainability Manager Purchasing at Henkel

23 Liberty Global

"In 2012, we reviewed and benchmarked management systems that assess sustainability performance of suppliers. As a result, we have now partnered with EcoVadis, a management consultancy that offers a range of evaluation tools, including scorecards, to benchmark suppliers against 21 environmental, social and ethical performance indicators"
2013 CR Report

24 Air Liquide

“Air Liquide has the ambition to become the undisputed global leader in the Industrial Gas business.
Being a responsible company is one of the pillars of this strategy. Procurement brings its contribution by making sure that we measure the sustainable development performance of our key supplier. EcoVadis brings us the objective measurement of supplier’s CSR performance and the ability to develop tangible action plans.”
Jan Keller - CPO Air Liquide

25 Schneider Electric

"As a Global Compact signatory, Schneider Electric has been involved in an ambitious approach to include sustainable development challenges in the supplier selection and working processes. Since 2004, the Group has been supporting its suppliers so that they can publically commit and directly adhere to the Global Compact. For the 2012-2014 period, Schneider Electric wants to place itself in a follow-up process with its suppliers by encouraging them to make progress according to the guidelines of ISO 26000. Schneider Electric began an approach that is based on an evaluation carried out by a third party. This is to promote the commitment of the supplier to a process of continuous improvement based on ISO 26000, through improvement plans supported by the supplier."
Schneider Electric Social Commitments

26 AkzoNobel

“Sustainability is central to AkzoNobel’s corporate strategy and we are fully committed to instilling sustainability criteria into all aspects of our day-to-day business. It is a challenging process and an exciting collaborative journey with our suppliers as we strive to create the most sustainable supply chains possible. Our license to operate throughout the world is founded on our commitment to do business with trading partners who endorse and perform in compliance to our ethical, social and environmental values. Integrating Ecovadis into our supplier sustainability framework helps us to maximize transparency in this area, while continuously monitoring and improving the quality and sustainability of our supply chains for the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders and environment.”
Randolph Glau – Director of Sustainable Supply, AkzoNobel

27 SFR

"SFR Sustainable Procurement plan is part of a process of improvement through evaluation, dialogue, shared improvement plans and periodic meetings with suppliers. CSR is an integral part of the other supplier management axis: finance, sales, technology, quality, and delivery."
SFR CSR report 2011

28 Deutsche Bahn

"DB Group’s Code of Conduct commits our suppliers and business partners to comply with ethical and legal standards. It forms an important basis for our cooperative business dealings. Our Code of Conduct for Business Partners is based - among others - on the principles of the UN Global Compact and the same principles we have set in DB’s Corporate Principles Ethics - Code of Conduct for our managers and employees. It is addressed - worldwide - to all companies and individuals from whom we purchase goods or services."
Code of Conduct for Business Partners

29 Alstom

"Alstom has set a responsible purchasing policy up, respecting the commitments taken toward our clients. We decided to evaluate our supply chain regarding its environmental and social preformances, according to a 5 levels ladder. In 2008, we decided to extend the EcoVadis database which is a reliable tool to measure and improve the CSR performance of our suppliers. We have been convinced by the simplicity of implementation and by the EcoVadis ability to provide specific answers regarding Alstom core businesses."
Stéphane Le Corre ALSTOM - Group Strategy Director  - 01.2009

30 Société Générale

"For Sourcing staff, the relevance of the assessment, benchmarks and analyses is much appreciated. For internal partners, having access to CSR assessment sheets allows them to enhance their relationship with their suppliers. And for suppliers, they see the corrective plans in a positive light and also obtain an assessment that can be used again with other clients, thus limiting the investment required to fill in the various questionnaires.
I am convinced that this element of “sustainable’ management of supplier relations is a source of lasting value creation and mutual progress."
Thomas GRAVIS - Deputy Purshasing Director at Société Générale

31 AXA

"I am convinced that Sustainable Development will deeply transform Purchasing professionals roles. Since 2006 Axa has initiated a structured policy, and we measure today how Sustainable Procurement can renew the Buyer-Supplier Dialogue. Since 2008, EcoVadis is helping us to deploy this initiative, providing us a reliable and independent assessment of our suppliers CSR performance."
Alain Page-Lécuyer - Chief Procurement Officer


"The year 2011 represents a year of consolidation for us. Therefore, we will move up a gear on all aspects of our sustainable procurement policy. [...] In parallel, we will work in partnership with EcoVadis on the evaluation of the CSR performance of our suppliers. Our goal over the next three years: to assess 500 companies."
Olivier Menuet, Managing Director and Responsible Sustainable Procurement

33 Accor

 “With a high number of suppliers in more than 90 countries, Sustainable Procurement is a great lever for improvement of services we bring to our customers. We have adopted a continuous improvement plan including a new “Sustainable Development Charter”, Sustainable Development criteria in our call for tenders, Sustainable Development oriented selection criterions… We are willing to go even further and will offer our support to our suppliers and subcontractors in their Sustainable Development improvement process.The EcoVadis platform appears as an excellent solution to strengthen our approach.”
Isabelle Lauzon - Chief of Purchasing office at Accor Group

34 Lafarge

"Lafarge is very serious about Sustainability and has set up clear goals outlined in our « Sustainability Ambitions 2012 » program. Lafarge seeks supply chain partners that share our goals with respect to Sustainability, and since 2008 we have initiated a dialogue with some of our key partners on this theme.  In 2009 we selected EcoVadis to assess the CSR performance of some of our suppliers throughout 12 countries. The EcoVadis solution allowed us to access to clear and actionable scorecards on our suppliers environmental, health & safety, and social performance, while ensuring a high adoption from suppliers and internal teams."
Ted Zerafa - VP Purchasing North America

35 Sanofi

"Sanofi is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in procurement activities and selects goods and services that are produced and provided in compliance with the highest environmental, social and ethical standards. We are working closely with our suppliers to promote corporate social responsibility related to the sourcing and use of materials and services. To make this approach more efficient for both Sanofi and our suppliers and to strengthen its integration into the Company’s risk-management and compliance processes, we made the choice of having a single and dedicated process based on CSR international standards. We have entrusted this mission to our external partner, ECOVADIS, in order to benefit from proven CSR expertise as it operates a web collaborative sustainability rating platform enabling us to get an evaluation of our suppliers’ CSR performances."
Responsible Procurement Factsheet

Alcan Packaging (now Albea)

"As a leader in cosmetics packaging, Sustainable Development is strategic for us as for our clients. EcoVadis CSR supplier assessment solution allows us to integrate environmental and social criterias into our purchasing processes."
Laurent-David CHARBIT - Albéa Beauty Sector - Purchasing & Supply Chain Director


"Sustainable development is a core component of the AREVA group's strategy. The Group subscribes to the U.N. Global Compact and to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and has defined a Values Charter applicable to its employees and distributed to its main suppliers. AREVA has instituted a sustainable development and continuous improvement initiative within its organization. It asks all of its suppliers to participate in this initiative with regard to their own environment and in response to the social and societal expectations of their own stakeholders."
Sustainable Development Declaration for Suppliers

Atos Origin

"The Global Sustainable Purchasing Policy, major component of our new program Harmony, allows our buyers to adopt a complete approach of Sustainable Development. This consists in introducing environmental, social and ethical considerations in each stage of our supply chain : suppliers have now to suscribe to Atos Origin Responsible Purchasing Charter principles. "
Sophie Chambon - Sustainable Project Manager

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena

"The “Value for money” sourcing of products and services in respect of environmental and social criteria is a “must” for a looking forward supply chain organizations, as well as for modern enterprises first. Working with suppliers to build up a real sustainable way to manage and develop business is also a significant part of our responsibility. Those CSR strategic pillars are definitely in the DNA of Montepaschi Group (the oldest bank in the world) and its supply chain management. Ecovadis solution enables us to pursue in that committment."
Luca Guzzabocca – Director of Procurement, Logistics, HSE and Security

BDR Thermea

"We have implemented a simple process, based on international CSR standards. Ecovadis provides an initial CSR assessment and monitors continuous improvements of all our suppliers.
Procurement has a major influencing role to play in the implementation of our sustainable development policy and BDR Thermea procurement will ensure that environmental and sustainable factors are embraced within the framework of value for money and we will utilise our position in our internal supply chain to influence all areas of specification, procurement, service, delivery and product use and recycling to ensure that we meet our obligations as effectively as we can."

BDR Theremea's Procurement webpage

Bel Group

“With the help of the EcoVadis company, the Group also launched an effort to assess the environmental and social responsibility performance of its suppliers. An initial portfolio of 120 suppliers, constituting a representative sample in terms of purchasing, size and geographical footprint, were polled. The high response rate showed that awareness is already growing. Another positive development was that none of the suppliers received an eliminatory rating for unacceptable practices. Bel’s goal is to evaluate its 350 strategic suppliers by 2012.”
Business and Corporate Responsibility Report 2009


"Our approach is to raise social and environmental standards throughout the supply chain by working with our direct suppliers to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility and their own supply chain management, while increasing our efficiency. Embedding CSR standards into our procurement practices helps us to protect our reputation and makes a real difference to the communities where our suppliers operate."
Belgacom CSR Report

Bouygues Construction

"We wished to go further in helping our suppliers and our subcontractors to make them improve their Sustainable Development performances. The EcoVadis mutualized platform appeared as the best solution to do that."
Jeanne Glorian - Group Responsible Purchasing Coordinator


Bouygues Telecom

"We decided to ask EcoVadis to elaborate specific questionnaires to evaluate our suppliers performances according to our criterias. Nowadays, I think it is indispensable to lean on expert external solution providers as EcoVadis to manage that kind of evaluations so that CSR expertise and analysis objectivity would be garanteed."
Sustainable procurement manager - Bouygues Telecom


''Cascades has achieved a major milestone in the assessment of its suppliers’ practices in terms of social responsibility. Thanks to services provided by EcoVadis, Cascades is now able to paint a more comprehensive picture of its supply chain. This is an essential step toward retaining its leadership position in the area of sustainable development. A responsible supply chain will create a snowball effect: once the ball is rolling, there will be no stopping it on the path toward new innovations and responsible behaviour on a large scale.''
Stéphane Dubé - Vice President, Supply Chain, Cascades


"The standards that Evonik sets for suppliers throughout the Group are set out in the corporate  procurement policy. We expect our suppliers and business partners to accept our principles for  responsible and fair treatment of employees, customers, suppliers and the general public, and to  meet their responsibility accordingly. In addition, we have incorporated the CR Strategy into our  general purchasing conditions. In this way, supply chain management is aligned even more closely  with the themes of health and safety, environmental protection and anti-corruption measures, as well as social aspects such as working conditions. This approach is intended to enable more sustainable procurement and contribute to risk management at Evonik."
2011 CR Report


"Geodis has introduced a purchasing approach to bring in responsible partners. In 2011, further progress was made in systematically integrating ethical, environmental and social criteria in specifications, analysis grids and standard contracts. At the same time Geodis has joined EcoVadis, a collaborative platform specialised in evaluating the environmental and social performance of suppliers. Following a pilot phase involving a panel of sub-contractors and suppliers, the purchasing division will use this tool to select new suppliers and assess existing ones. In 2012, the platform will be gradually made available to the divisions."
Geodis sustainable development report 2011

Lagardère Active

"As an international media group, Lagardère Active has special CSR duties. Its radio, magazine, web and TV brands reach large audiences and can raise awareness to sustainable development issues within the large public. As a company aiming at improving its internal processes, we found EcoVadis to be an excellent partner to include CSR ratings in our risk management and improve our sustainable procurement practices."
Olivier Dumoulin, Chief Procurement Officer


"As an international specialty chemicals group, LANXESS bear a major responsibility toward people and the environment. Our entrepreneurial activities reflect this sense of responsibility. Safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, quality and commercial efficiency are all key corporate goals at LANXESS. That's why we pursue responsible business practices to combine the demands of economy, ecology and society in a coherent overall concept – Sustainability. Our mission is to ensure we comply with legal requirements and in many cases go beyond them. We work to continuously improve conditions for people and the environment on a sustainable basis. LANXESS therefore gives preference to suppliers and service providers (“suppliers”) that share our fundamental social and environmental values. These values are based on the guiding principle of Sustainable Development and Responsible Care® and are published as part of the LANXESS “Corporate Policy” and the “Code for Legal Compliance and Corporate Responsibility at LANXESS”"
Requirements for Lanxess Suppliers

Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

"For NS sustainability is one of the key strategic issues. Implementing sustainable solutions and recycling materials used to transport our passengers safe and comfortable from door to door fits our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. In this context, one of our objectives is to monitor and improve social and environmental performance of our strategic suppliers. To monitor this process we have selected the method from EcoVadis. Recently, major players within the European Railway sector took the initiative to accept the EcoVadis method as a standard, which allows us to monitor and improve the CSR performance results of the suppliers in the same way."


"Pace is fully committed to promoting Responsible Business and CSR practices throughout its supply chain. One of Pace’s priorities is to integrate CSR assessment into its Supplier evaluation, approval and on-going monitoring activities. To help achieve this Pace has partnered with EcoVadis to conduct an independent analysis of the CSR performance of Preferred and Approved Suppliers. The EcoVadis rating system also enables Pace to focus its internal resources on the development of prioritized improvement plans focused on risk and performance improvement."


"The financial, social and environmental requirements of sustainable development are fundamental elements in the strategy of the Saint-Gobain Group. In addition to signing up to the UN’s Global Compact, the Group has, since 2003, formalized its values through the General Principles of Conduct and Action applicable to all employees worldwide, and in doing so, confirmed its resolve to work towards responsible business growth. This is why the Saint-Gobain Group has decided to invite its suppliers of products and services and its subcontractors to take part in this process within their own sphere of action or influence."
Saint-Gobain Supplier Charter

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (S.E.B.)

"We are convinced that having suppliers with high performance as regards environmental, social and ethical aspects creates greater values for us as well as for our suppliers. SEB is using EcoVadis sustainability monitoring platform for managing assessment and rating of our suppliers. The EcoVadis platform combines sustainability assessment expertise and data management tools which will allow for our suppliers to demonstrate their sustainability best practices. The target is to increase the average sustainability rating in the supplier community that delivers products and services to SEB."
Supply Chain Management - Creating a Sustainable Business


“Without EcoVadis, we would still be in the stone age. In order to be efficient in CSR rating, we found it decisive for us to rely on a third party platform.”
Michel Gras, Head of procurement


"Umicore sees Sustainable development as a way to manage its activities. But also as a way to recognise our past responsability. We had a heavy ecological inheritance but during the last decade, we decided to handle this issue in a most proactive way. The most important thing is that for Umicore, Sustainable development represents a strategic opportunity : 50% of our turnover is now realised thanks to Umicore environmental activities."
Thomas Leysen - CEO Umicore (L'Echo 20.10.2007)


"In order to anticipate suppliers’ risks and business needs for innovation while contributing to the operational performance of the group, Sustainable Development is a major progress area for our Supply Chain, with 3 pillars: buyers’ involvement, sustainable actions and supplier relations. Since 2010, CSR evaluations conducted with EcoVadis are a tool of our Sustainable Procurement policy that enable us to cover supplier’s risk management issues and to identify with them best practices and areas for improvement. Involving our suppliers into this approach is an essential part our corporate responsibility."
Group Procurement Department – Veolia Environnement

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