"Know Your Vendors"

EcoVadis’ easy-to-use CSR scorecards are the cornerstone of sustainable procurement risk monitoring programs of more than 175 global supply chains.
Industry leaders such as Verizon, Merck, Coca Cola Enterprises, Heineken, Johnson & Johnson, Renault-Nissan, ING Bank, and Nokia use EcoVadis to reduce risk, drive innovation and foster transparency and trust among over 40,000 trading partners

Protect your brand, <br>manage risk

Protect your brand,
manage risk

CSR-related risks span a wide range of issues (environment, labor, ethics) and can be difficult to identify. A consistent, scalable CSR program can minimize exposure to brand damage, supply disruption, fines, recall & litigation costs, and can Improve TCO.

Improve <br>performance


Expectations are rising. Regulators, customers, investors, employees, NGOs - all Stakeholders want to see not only transparency on CSR/ESG issues, but improvement and progress.

Reduce costs, Drive Innovation & Growth

Reduce costs, Drive Innovation & Growth

Industry leaders are not just saving cost, they are integrating suppliers into the innovation process for new solutions, categories & revenue opportunities. A solid sustainability program can reveal best practices and help identify the best- performing suppliers to invest in working with.

Sustainable procurement pays off



at least 1 supply chain disruption

Over 85% of companies had at least 1 supply disruption 50% had 2 or more
source: Zurich/St. Johns survey of 800 co's


measurable brand value increase

Sustainable supply chain practices result in an increase in brand equity
source: World Economic Forum: "Beyond Supply Chains"


have lower cost of capital

90% of the studies on the cost of capital show that sound sustainability standards lower the cost of capital of companies
source: Oxford/arabesque


supply chain cost reduction

Sustainable supply chain practices can reduce costs linked to supply chain by 9-16%
source: World Economic Forum: "Beyond Supply Chains"

Read more about building the business case for Sustainable Procurement:
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Easier for buyers, better for suppliers

Solving a complex problem:

Stop the ‘survey madness’ !

Suppliers & third parties are understandably frustrated by self-assessments and data collection: Some receive 25+ surveys from customers every year. They want one assessment, relevant to their business (& in their language), with clear results and feedback, that they can share everywhere.

Buyers and Risk/EHS/CSR/compliance managers need actionable indicators, not a pile of spreadsheet data. The EcoVadis CSR rating methodology has been honed over 10 years of R&D and adapted to 150 categories & 120 countries. This powers a team of 150+ expert CSR analysts to produce reliable ratings to guide decisions and drive performance.

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up to


of suppliers already in the network...

....and growing fast. As more buyers and suppliers enter the system, share ever more easily, multiplying value for everyone



program cost savings vs in-house

Our procurement clients saved 80% in costs compared to internal supplier CSR programs



supplier score improvement

More than 2 companies out of 3 improve their score upon re-evaluation

up to


supplier engagement rate

Supplier response rates as high as 90% (especially in our vertical initiatives)

Scorecard & Monitoring Tools

The EcoVadis solution combines our powerful ratings platform with a complete portfolio of turnkey services to empower your team to make the best procurement decisions

Buyer platform

Dashboards to monitor performance of your portfolio by buyer, category, or custom filters. Request assessments, create reports, export data, and engage your team in your risk and performance goals and initiatives.

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Buyer platform
CSR Scorecard

CSR Scorecard

Shows you - and your suppliers/3rd parties - their performance across 21 CSR indicators in 4 themes: Environment, Labor/Social, Fair business/Ethics, and Supply Chain.
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Compare suppliers performance per theme by purchasing category or country.

Strengths and Improvement Areas

Strengths and Improvement Areas

Details and insights into the 4 Rating themes: Strengths (where are they doing well?) and Improvement Areas (what are the priorities that need to be improved?).

Corrective Action Plan

This collaborative tool helps with developing Action Plans, a starting point for an effective dialogue between buyers and suppliers on actions taken by the supplier to improve their CSR performance.

Corrective Action Plan
Category Profile

Category Profile

A Category Profile offers practical insight into the key sustainability issues which are applicable to the supplier industry of operation. It gives you an overview of major regulations, sector initiatives, and eco-labels.


Since 2007, over 175 multinational companies in North America and in Europe have used EcoVadis to assess more 40,000 companies in their global value chains across 120 countries.

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