Comparatif de la performance RSE des entreprises françaises avec celle des pays de l’OCDE et des BRICS

2ème édition de l'étude conjointe EcoVadis - Médiateur des entreprises

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The EU Directive on NonFinancial Reporting: A Shift Towards Transparency and Reporting Quality

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Trina Solar Focuses On Improving Sustainability Performance

Learn how a leading maker of solar panels focuses its entire business purpose in sustainability

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Cyber Security Risks: The Next Supply Chain Due Diligence Focus

New white paper explores how information security threats are expanding as supply chains globalize

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Filmeikers Puts Sustainability at Heart of Production

Read EcoVadis Case Study on how CSR is changing business in Ecuador

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Five Essential Criteria For Selecting A Supplier Sustainability & Risk Monitoring Solution

Advice from Industry Expert on the best ways to choose a supplier sustainability & risk monitoring solution

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EcoVadis Case Study: SKF CSR journey

This case study illustrates SKF CSR journey, from achieving great results in their EcoVadis evaluations, to applying the feedback and expanding the scope of their CSR program to include evaluation of their own suppliers.

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After Tianjin: Renewed Focus On Chinese Supply Chains

Wake-up call for companies with supply chains in China

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Why Sustainable Supply Risk Management Cannot Be Siloed: Lessons From Leaders Who Beat the Odds

The second in a three-part series on Supply Chain Risk: "The irresistible allure to seek lower costs continues to push procurement teams to globalize supply chains ever further. Meanwhile stakeholder scrutiny is increasing, laws and regulations are proliferating globally, and natural and man-made disasters continue to occur. How are companies responding?"

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How ‘Together for Sustainability’ Drives Supply Chain Sustainability in the Chemical Industry

A best-practices roadmap for any industry seeking to drive supply chain sustainability in the chemical industry with maximum engagement, cost savings and results

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Human Rights Rising On The Corporate Risk Agenda: The Intertwining Of Corruption And Human Rights

Human rights has gained new momentum in the private sector, and three key factors show how deeply linked corruption is to human rights, making it impossible to overlook in any effective global supply chain risk management effort.

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Anti Corruption Due Diligence In The Supply Chain

An overview of the due diligence framework for managing risks related to 3rd party corruption and bribery

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EcoVadis Case Study: Heineken

A 4-layer process combining multiple measurements and actions to ensure ongoing compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct

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EcoVadis Case Study: Sanofi

Sanofi’s Formula for Sustainable Supply Success: Risk-Prioritization, Alignment, Goal setting & Engagement

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The rise of mandatory human rights due diligence

New regulations extend corporate liability across groups and their supply chain

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Gemaco Prioritizes and Drives Rapid Improvement in Sustainability Practices

Supplier Case Study

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EcoVadis CSR Scorecard (Sample)

Download a PDF sample of the EcoVadis CSR Scorecard

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EcoVadis Targeted Guidance for Supply Chain, section 1.5

How SuperSector leaders Complete DJSI Section 1.5 Supply Chain - 2015 Updated Guidance for EcoVadis Customers

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Bayer Sustainable Procurement Case Study

Bayer leverages EcoVadis to drive sustainable supply chain performance

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Alcatel-Lucent Sustainable Procurement Case Study

"Driving a sustainable supply chain, at a global scale"

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Guest Paper: Update on TFEA/Tariff Act Ban On Slavery-Implicated Imports to the USA, New Enforcement Actions and Petitions

Every U.S. Importer/Supply Chain Manager Should Take Note of TFEA & Tariff Act updates from Akin Gump

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Belron uses EcoVadis to assess CSR performance at group level

Belron is now taking a strategic approach to their Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) program using EcoVadis scorecards as a common standard to assess performance, set Group-wide standards and goals, and share best practice across operating entities.

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Comptel Achieves Dramatic 50% Improvement In CSR Practices With Focused Teamwork

Since 1986, Comptel Corporation has grown to become a global leader of digital and communication services in two main areas - Intelligent Data and Service Orchestration. Operating with an international team of more than 750 professionals serving nearly 300 service providers across 90 countries, Comptel has achieved net sales of EUR 97.7 million in 2015.

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Playing With Fire: The 4 Hidden Risks Lurking In Your Supply Chain

The first in a three-part series on Supply Chain Risk: "The irresistible allure to seek lower costs continues to push procurement teams to globalize supply chains ever further. Meanwhile stakeholder scrutiny is increasing, laws and regulations are proliferating globally, and natural and man-made disasters continue to occur. This potent mix exposes companies to a diverse set of supply chain risks.Where are the supplier chain risks and how are the manifesting themselves? How are companies responding?"

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