Join our experts on our first-ever EcoVadis webinar series


Navigating Sustainable Procurement: How to Start and Accelerate Your Program

It is becoming overwhelmingly evident that sustainable procurement is a vital element to the success of the global supply chains of almost every industry. Brands are feeling the intensifying scrutiny, shifting customer demands and constantly growing pressures for more transparency. Businesses — and their supply chains — must become more sustainable to not only protect their brands and avoid falling behind their competitors but to deliver on future growth.

But what does it take to implement a program?  And how do you make progress in your sustainable procurement initiative?  This EcoVadis webinar series outlines key tips including:


We’ve worked with over 180 procurement teams from multinational companies and have learned lessons as they built, launched and grew their sustainability programs. We’ve condensed some of these key learnings into this first series of webinars, so you can benefit from this vast experience and get a huge head start on your program today!


Ever wondered how your Sustainable Procurement program stacks up? Quickly assess your company’s sustainable procurement practices with our free tool.

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