CSR Reporting for Groups:
A Complex Challenge

When it comes to CSR assessment, it is key for companies with a decentralized business to be able to oversee the activity of each subsidiary and at the same time develop Groupwide improvement projects.But how do you centralize subsidiary reporting, so that you can easily identify improvement areas and quickly act? Group-level CSR reporting faces complex challenges…


      Multiple CSR assessment requests from clients targeting different entities spread across your organization

      Incomplete visibility or control over subsidiaries’ CSR practices and reporting

      Subsidiaries misreporting on CSR evaluations, not referencing group standard policies or best practices

      Pressure to manage CSR and compliance risks in your own supply chain

Our Solution:
EcoVadis Corporate Group Manager

The Corporate Group Manager package expands EcoVadis’ industry-leading CSR monitoring platform with a powerful groupwide solution: A unique tool to gain visibility and control of CSR reporting across your group, drive improvements in subsidiaries and assess your supply chain.

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    Consolidated Control at Group Level

    Your group data and performance in one consolidated dashboard for Visibility and Tracking

    Consolidated Control at Group Level
    Sector Insights

    Sector Insights

    In-depth Industry Benchmarking: detailed comparison information of CSR performance and best practices, with expanded support across your industry sector(s).

    - Comprehensive report of the CSR sector criteria
    - Detailed benchmark and industry highlights
    - Dynamic library listing key industry initiatives and regulations

    Full Visibility on Subsidiary Reporting

    Direct access: View any of your subsidiary scorecards or CAPs directly from your platform

    Simplified Management: Integrated dashboard with single sign-on

    Real-time visibility: Stay informed of all subsidiary requests (assessment requests, client sharing requests, etc.)

    Full Visibility on Subsidiary Reporting
    Dedicated Account Management

    Dedicated Account Management

    Dedicated Corporate Account Manager

    Kick-off meeting & Platform Onboarding

    Annual CSR briefing
    1 hour interactive session by EcoVadis CSR analysts
    to understand your group’s scorecards

    Premium Subscriptions for all linked subsidiaries

    Confidential, efficient & relevant CSR survey

    Compare your performance

    Compare your performance with the other companies in your industry sector: see how ratings are distributed and how you are positioned for each theme

    Understand & improve CSR performance

    Broadcast your success effectively

    Proactively tell your CSR success story with our premium badges, certificates & 15 page profile, in your website, PR, etc.

    Easy sharing saves time & effort

    your Brand

    Hear about reports and respond faster with EcoVadis’ customized 360° news monitoring: news and events related to your company’s CSR

    Reward success &  Distinguish your company

    Accelerate Your CSR Improvement

    Detailed category profile database with regulations, sector-specific best practices

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    Customized pricing based on number of subsidiaries

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    Several large companies use the EcoVadis Corporate Solution to align and monitor the CSR performance of their global subsidiaries

    Customer Testimonials


    EcoVadis enables us to support the improvement plans of each of our subsidiaries within the Belron Group from a centralized dashboard. Scorecards of each entity can easily be reviewed and shared from a single login, and we can see where we have common opportunities where we can share best practice.

    Justin Bazalgette, Head of CSR Measurement & Environmental Efficiency

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    BCD travel

    “We strive to achieve responsible, CSR-oriented business practices throughout our operations, including our partner network and supply chain. EcoVadis’ scorecard results and suggestions for improvement helped us identify and remedy gaps and increase our CSR performance over the years”

    Sharon Dirks, Senior Manager
    of Global CSR

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