Join us at the CGF’s 61st Global Summit in Berlin


The 61st Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum | 20-23 June 2017 | Berlin, Germany

The Consumer goods industry is one of the most exposed in terms of brand reputation risks for their customers. Moreover, there is a reciprocal opportunity for new products and revenue growth for leaders who’s procurement teams are seeing sustainability as a lever for innovation with suppliers. As with many industries, they face big challenges in sustainable supply chain, and the leaders are stepping up and responding – many of whom are EcoVadis customers including Nestle, Unilever, CCEP, Heineken, Henkel, and others.


EcoVadis representative Wim Peeters will be attending the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit in Berlin June 20-23.

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More about the Summit:

The Berlin 2017 Global Summit will communicate practical lessons from those players who are still winning in the marketplace, despite the headwinds of fickle consumer demand, digital disruption, hard discount renaissance, and geopolitical backlashes (Brexit, new political developments, urbanisation issues etc.). Learnings can come from everywhere – established and new players, online and brick-and-mortar, developed and emerging markets, our industry or completely different domains of knowledge – and have an impact in all kinds of businesses.

This year’s theme will be shared through sessions focused on stories such as:

Brand Relevance in a Consumer-Centric World

The brands that have managed to continue to inspire consumers’ trust and loyalty have valuable lessons to impart to everyone in the consumer goods industry. Brand relevance is fundamentally a journey towards increased customer-centricity.

Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable Future

The new consumer is more mindful of their health and the environment: more consumers support locally-based or fair-trade economic and agricultural models. Often, their purchasing decisions are political statements.

Who is Winning, How and Why?

No retailer is left unaffected by digital disruption and the rise of new entrants. In this session, you will hear from those who play their cards right in the fast-changing retail landscape, be they discounters or traditional retailers, grocery or non-grocery.


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