Reducing Survey Fatigue with Smart & Scalable Supply Chain CSR Solutions

In the recently released EcoVadis/HEC Sustainable Procurement Barometer, 97% of organizations surveyed consider sustainable procurement important or critically important. It is clear that mass adoption of sustainable procurement has arrived. Organizations have realized that sustainable procurement, and understanding the sustainability of their supply chains, is a core tenant of any modern sustainability program. Of course, […]

11 April 2017

Fight climate change with science-based targets

Many companies are making efforts into reducing their carbon footprints, making sure to mitigate climate change. To make sure these efforts actually help curbing climate change, a new trend is currently gaining momentum: science-based targets. Read more here.

10 April 2017

How Pharma Giants are Creating Value in Procurement

Phamaceutical leaders shared their insights and best practices during the annual ProcureCon Pharma Event in Zurich last month. Learn more in our article.

Using Green Patents to Create a More Sustainable Business

Patents, and in particular green patents, can be strategy used by companies to create a more sustainable business opportunities for clients and stakeholders, while incentivizing environmentally-friendly business practices. Read more.

5 Key Factors in Choosing a Supplier CSR Monitoring Solution

It is no secret that modern supply chains are increasingly exposed to risks that can result in increased operational costs, large losses, and long term damage to your corporate reputation. Read our article to learn on how to choose a supplier monitoring solution.

29 March 2017

10 reasons to attend SustaIn 2017

We are 5 weeks away from the EcoVadis annual conference SustaIn in Paris (May 9-10) and you are still in time to reserve your seat (book your ticket here)

If you have attended the event in the past you already know about its unrivaled networking, and top quality content (speakers from the previous years include…

Leveraging EcoVadis Assessment Results to Support GRI Reporting

The EcoVadis platform can provide a wealth of information to support GRI reporting on responsible supply chain management.

28 February 2017

How private companies are aligning their business activities to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

The private sector is now more than ever requested to be an essential partner and is given the opportunity to act as a central player in developing and delivering solutions such as providing capital, jobs, technology and infrastructure while at the same time pursuing their activities in a responsible and sustainable manner.

27 February 2017

EcoVadis 2016 Year in Review

2016 has been a great year for EcoVadis – we have spanned across the globe, reinforce our internal structure and known our first financial funding! Have a look at our accomplishments.