17 March 2011

New challenges for electronics Supply Chain

The IT and telecommunications sectors have long been at the forefront of sustainable procurement, yet the pressure to successfully actualize sustainable practices along each stage of the supply chain (raw materials, manufacturing and end-of-life recycling) is intensifying. Beyond all the existing issues of diminishing raw materials, electronics companies source minerals such as cobalt, coltan and […]

2 February 2011

Trade and Kyoto and Emissions, Oh My! Taking Responsibility for Carbon Emissions in the Supply Chain

A recent publication by the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo, concludes that figures on CO2 emissions based on the Kyoto Protocol do not relay the true distribution of carbon emissions between North and South. They argue that international trade has not been taken into account when reviewing these emissions and that […]

14 November 2010

Sustainability : Can Procurement do better than Governments?

Since the failure of the Copenhagen conference, to agree on a real regulation of carbon emissions last December, it is becoming increasingly clear that governments are struggling to reach agreements on Sustainability issues. In May the French government decided to push back by 6 months the “environmental labeling” regulation, and watered down its scope. In […]

Sustainable Procurement Leaders

19/05/2010: Interview with Luca Guzzabocca, head of Logistics Costs and Supply Chain Management at GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI. 1) Why is Sustainable Procurement important for GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI? Sustainable Procurement is one of the significant engagements GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI has in CSR policies. For GRUPPO MONTEPASCHI, Sustainable Procurement is important because we are aware of the impact we can […]

9 July 2010

New Accenture and UNGC study highlights importance of Sustainable Supply Chain for CEO’s

Accenture and UNGC have conducted, in partnership, a survey of 766 CEOs around the world on Corporate Responsibility. The results of this survey demonstrate that the economic downturn, instead of restraining corporate commitments on sustainability, made these commitments stronger. In fact, 80 % of the CEOs say the downturn has raised the importance of sustainability. […]

26 May 2010

P&G announces the launch of the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard

P&G announced on May 12, 2010 the launch of the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard and rating process, another important Sustainable Procurement initiative in line with Wal-Mart’s “Sustainability Index” or IBM’s new CSR requirements for suppliers. P&G’s Supplier Scorecard is designed to measure energy use, water use, waste disposal and greenhouse gas emissions of key suppliers. […]

21 March 2010

Nestlé drops palm oil supplier

Nestlé announced on Friday that they would stop purchasing Palm oil from Indonesian supplier Sinar Mas. Switzerland’s Nestle, which uses the edible oil in its food products such as KitKat bars, said it had replaced Sinar Mas with another supplier for further shipments after conducting its own investigations into its palm oil supply chain. Nestle’s […]

iPhone suppliers workers poisoned in china

A Taiwanese manufacturer that makes LCD screens and components for tech giants like Apple confirmed Thursday that more of its workers in China were sickened by chemical exposure than it previously reported. Wintek’s Suzhou, China-based factory, which produces electronic components for some of the world’s most popular gadgets including products made by Apple and Nokia, […]

22 February 2010

Welcome to EcoVadis Sustainable Supply Newsletter

We are pleased to send you the 1st edition of EcoVadis Sustainable Supply Newsletter. As we enter into the « year of the Tiger », we can take a look back on the latest developments of Sustainable Procurement. 2009 has been a challenging year : companies you work for have faced tremendous challenges, and many […]