12 December 2017

Sector collaboration on sustainability accelerates, as a sixth industry creates an initiative with EcoVadis

The launch of the Responsible Beauty Initiative demonstrates a strong trend in pre-competitive collaboration to drive improvements in the supply chain.

Circular Economy in ICT – Completing the circle of supply

Bringing Circular Economy into the Information and Communication Technology industry effectively targets two major fields: products and equipment (waste and consumption) and internal operations and networks (energy and data). Read more on how to successfully implement sustainable initiatives.

Limiting e-waste through ethical supply chain practices

The electronics industry has a responsibility to reduce e-waste through sustainable and ethical supply chain practices, but faces implementation challenges. Learn more.

CPG and Big Food needs to evolve and embrace supply chain, sustainability

The CPG industry has had a difficult year, and the grocery market is no exception. Some of the most recognized and successful food brands are getting pressured at every turn, from health conscious and high-end consumers that are prioritizing healthy and fresh alternatives, to price-driven buyers flocking to cheaper store brands. Even grocers and retailers […]

How pharma can withstand disruption through supplier visibility

With mounting scrutiny in the face of changing regulatory policy and price pressures, the time to drive supply chain innovation is now. Read more in our latest blog.

Exponential. Collaborative. Spark. Celebrate. Home. Sustain 2017 Inspires Sustainable Supply Chain Leadership

For our 10 years anniversary, EcoVadis received the best gift ever: Hundreds of professionals in sustainable procurement, CSR and supply chain came together in Paris to share, network, learn and present at EcoVadis Sustain 2017, and our Rock-In-A Free World celebration in Paris this month. Here are a few highlights for inspiration: Time to get […]

Using Green Patents to Create a More Sustainable Business

Patents, and in particular green patents, can be strategy used by companies to create a more sustainable business opportunities for clients and stakeholders, while incentivizing environmentally-friendly business practices. Read more.

22 November 2016

4 Ways Supplier CSR Ratings Can Help SRM Systems Capture $550 Billion Opportunity

The recent report on Digital SRM Supplier Relationship Management from State of Flux reveals a massive $550 billion unrealized opportunity for companies. Here are 4 ways supplier CSR ratings help you build a business case to implement SRM and capture a share of this value. Supplier Relationship Management SRM represents a giant $550 billion opportunity […]

Ethical Corporation 11th Annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit: Key takeaways

Biggest names in Sustainability gathered last month at The 11th Ethical Corp’s Sustainable Supply Chain Summit in London where they discussed on how to drive collaboration and go deeper in their supply chain to deliver bigger positive impact for stakeholders.