16 October 2017

EcoVadis’ First ever CSR Day: Bringing Buyers and Suppliers together

EcoVadis held its first CSR Day in Düsseldorf, Germany on September 20th, bringing together 165 buyers and suppliers based all over Europe to learn and share CSR best practices, experiences and to network with peers and customers. “This was an excellent opportunity to be able to bring together regional buyers and suppliers, share our expertise […]

6 June 2017

Going Global – Driving Sustainability Initiatives Across Borders

  Implementing sustainability practices in a large, multinational company poses a variety of challenges – a key one falling under the theme of coverage – how can a company make sure that their sustainability mission, practices and initiatives are maintained across all subsidiaries? Bruno Cothenet, CSR Director at Soufflet Group, Dr. Holger Hoppe, Head of […]

20 April 2017

Duty of Care Law: French Constitutional Council gives the green light

In its much-awaited decision on March 23, the French constitutional council has given a green light to the “Duty of Care” law (Devoir de Vigilance) although they stated that there remain some provisions to the French constitution. Read more.

29 March 2017

10 reasons to attend SustaIn 2017

We are 5 weeks away from the EcoVadis annual conference SustaIn in Paris (May 9-10) and you are still in time to reserve your seat (book your ticket here)

If you have attended the event in the past you already know about its unrivaled networking, and top quality content (speakers from the previous years include…

29 December 2016

New French law to require for companies to report on GHG emissions in their supply chains

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting is mandatory in France for publicly listed and non-listed companies with at least 500 employees and a minimum of 100 million Euros turnover. Read how transparency in reporting is becoming more prevalent in French companies.

29 November 2016

Are You Ready For Supply Chain Sustainability Reporting requirements?

Recently, EcoVadis CSR experts delivered an insightful webinar session on the current and new Supply Chain sustainability reporting requirements. These new requirements are bringing scrutiny and high expectations from clients, consumers, and all stakeholders of CSR practices and transparency not only in your own operations, but into your supply chain. Are you ready for these changes?

22 August 2016

How Can Companies Adapt To The EU Directive On Non-Financial Reporting?

This blog post contributed by our partner DFGE, an Official EcoVadis Training and Consulting Partner Cet article est également disponible en français. Changez la langue du site pour le lire.   How can companies adapt to the EU directive on non-financial reporting? Many companies in the EU are already required by national laws in the country […]

2 May 2016

France’s Sapin II Anti-Corruption Law Requires Risk Assessments of Suppliers & Other Third-parties

The past few years have shown that the fight against corruption is as relevant as ever: companies are now facing record fines and an increasingly aggressive enforcement. For the past years the US and the UK have been leading the way in terms of enforcement against corruption, but more and more States worldwide are catching […]

29 March 2016

French Parliament Volleys Back To the Senate (Again) The Supply Chain Due Diligence Law “Devoir de Vigilance”

Activity continues on the proposed law requiring supply chain due-diligence obligations for large companies and groups in France, as lawmakers kept the ‘ball in play’: Last week, the French Parliament (the Assemblée Nationale) revised and re-approved the law. This is the third in a series of back and forth between the Parliament and Senate. The law seeks to […]