In short about EcoVadis

EcoVadis aims at improving environmental and social practices of companies by leveraging the influence of global supply chains.

Following 12 months of Research & Development, EcoVadis was incorporated in Paris, France early 2007 with the objective of becoming a trusted partner of procurement organizations aiming at implementing sustainable supply management practices

Combining innovative information technologies and a shared service expertise on sustainable procurement topics, EcoVadis wants to help procurement organizations improve their performance, while reducing the costs associated to suppliers CSR performance monitoring.

Beyond procurement organizations we also believe that sustainable supply management is a key driver in ensuring that SME’s adopt the responsible practices which are now becoming a must for large organizations.
Professionalism, integrity, customer focus and drive for innovations are the key enablers of our success.

Vision and Mission

We believe that Sustainability is a critical source of value in today's challenging business world. Our goal is to facilitate the integration of Sustainability criteria in the Customers/Suppliers relationships.

We do this by developing reliable, global and easy to use “Suppliers CSR Ratings” that help organizations manage risks and foster Eco-innovations. Professionalism, integrity, customer focus and drive for innovations are the key enablers of our success. Our teams strive to work smart, have fun and make the difference.

Our Sustainability Commitments

Thanks to its main activities, EcoVadis has a significant positive impact on society. Hence demonstrating leadership in CSR by mitigating its direct social and environmental impacts is an integral part of its strategy.

To do so, EcoVadis endorses the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and annually communicates on its progress. We strive to limit our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, (which are the main EcoVadis environmental impacts) and we have set up measures coupled with an increase of employees’ awareness through internal communication. Besides, we formalized our Code of Conduct early in 2011 (click here to view it) and tried to give a real importance to diversity: 54% of the employees are women and there are more than 14 different nationalities in our team.

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